More about Prop 24

Proposition 24 prevents tax giveaways to large corporations that won’t create a single job in California.

  • Proposition 24 prevents tax giveaways given to California’s largest corporations with no guarantees that a single job would be created or saved in California. Corporations could still send jobs overseas or to other states.
  • Proposition 24 ensures everyone is paying their fair share. Tax giveaways to large corporations put an even bigger burden on California families. When big corporations pay less, you and your family pay more.
  • The big corporations that are paying to defeat Proposition 24 and get these tax giveaways made over $65 billion in profits last year and are paying their CEOs over $8.5 billion, while at the same time laying off over 100,000 workers.

Proposition 24 does not raise taxes on businesses.

  • Proposition 24 does not raise taxes on businesses as none of these tax breaks have gone into effect. Voting Yes on Prop 24 will keep taxes for large corporations at their current level.
  • Ninety-eight percent of California’s businesses – especially small businesses – would get virtually no benefit from these tax breaks at all. They only benefit about two percent of California’s largest corporations.

Proposition 24 prevents more budget cuts to schools and public safety, and saves thousands of much needed jobs.

  • Proposition 24 prevents more than $1.3 billion from being cut from our public schools, colleges, healthcare, public safety and other services.
  • Proposition 24 prevents more than half a billion dollars from being cut from public education every year. California public schools have been cut $17 billion over the last two years.  30,000 educators have were laid off, class sizes have increased, education programs like art and music and vocational education eliminated, and college tuition increased more than 30 percent just last year alone, while corporations received $1.3 billion in future tax breaks.
  • Voting Yes on Proposition 24 saves more than 20,000 jobs, by preventing the layoffs of teachers, firefighters, police, paramedics, and nurses in every corner of the state.

Proposition 24, repeals a shady backroom deal between Sacramento politicians and big corporate lobbyists.

  • Proposition 24 repeals a $1.3 billion backroom deal cut by Sacramento politicians and corporate lobbyists with no public hearings or input. These same corporations make large campaign contributions to these politicians.
  • Instead of cutting taxes for California families or small business, the politicians in Sacramento followed their campaign contributions and voted to cut taxes for the largest two percent of corporations in the state.
  • Big corporations get these tax giveaways without creating jobs in California, and can keep the money to spend on CEO bonuses just like Wall Street.
  • Proposition 24 ensures tax fairness so big corporations have to play by the same rules as the rest of us.